Inequality Aversion and Self-Interest; An Experimental Approach

The main focus of my research is estimating inequality aversion and other-regarding preferences.  My research delves into the gap between the streams of literature surrounding Distributional Preferences and Social Welfare Functions. By combining the two I aim to better explain individual behaviour and estimate individual and social preferences. This will primarily be done using Experimental Economics, testing behaviour and preferences in an incentivised laboratory experiment. My first experiment tests between multiple experimental designs and alternative perspectives. The core of the experiment is the decisions that individuals make concerning income distributions amongst groups of three.

Further to this, I have ran a lab-in-the-field experiment in the Mbale region, Uganda; where the effects of the size of the budget and closeness of relationship were tested. Questionnaire-based survey methods are also used alongside the experiments ran, to provide rich individual level data.

Interests: Experimental Economics, Behavioural Economics, Social Choice,  Welfare Economics, Development Economics, Distributive Justice.

PhD Supervisor:John BoneTAP Members: John HeyRichard Cookson.


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